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It’s that time of the year again! As the Texas sun blazes in all its glory, keeping our homes cool and comfortable becomes a top priority. Summer brings with it a unique set of challenges, and Sleek Maids, your reliable cleaning company in Austin, TX, is here to help. In this blog post, we have listed our 5 hot summer cleaning tips to maintain a spotless and refreshing home all season long.

The All-Out War Against Bugs!

Insects love the summer season just as much as we do. As warmer temperatures prevail, these uninvited guests love to make their way into our homes. So how can you keep them at bay?

Check all your window screens for any damages that could serve as an entry point for bugs. Seal any cracks that you may find around your windows or doors. Always remember to store food promptly and avoid leaving it out for long periods. Should you experience a minor insect invasion, consider using natural solutions like vinegar or peppermint oil. Say goodbye to bugs, the non-toxic way!

Breathe Easy with Clean Airflow

A well-ventilated home can be your summer sanctuary, providing relief from the stifling heat outside. Achieve this by regularly checking and replacing your AC filters for efficient air circulation.

Fan cleaning, although a bit of a chore, contributes significantly to better airflow. Dust off both ceiling and standing fans in your household. Also, make a note to run your ceiling fans counterclockwise during the summer season. This pushes cooler air downward and gives that refreshing wind-chilled effect!

Refrigerator Refresh and Clean-up

Amidst the scorching heat, a chilly beverage from the refrigerator becomes our best friend. Therefore, maintaining an optimally performing fridge is essential in the summertime.

Kick-off your refrigerator clean-up by eliminating any expired items. Proceed with a thorough cleaning of all interior surfaces, and finish off by vacuuming those often neglected fridge coils. A clean fridge requires less energy to cool its contents and keeps your power bills in check!

Window Treatments for the Win

Austin’s summer sun can pack quite a punch, leading to increased indoor temperatures. Keep your home cool with the help of effective window treatments.

Blackout curtains or reflective window films can markedly minimize indoor heating, as well as protect your furnishings from sun damage. But before you install those, ensure your windows are squeaky clean to let in that beautiful summer sunlight. A homemade mix of white vinegar and water works wonders as a natural window cleaner!

Outdoor Spaces Deserve Some TLC Too!

Nothing spells summer like a perfect outdoor barbecue or pool party! Ensure your outdoor spaces are as inviting and clean as your interiors. This includes regular clean-ups for your patio furniture, grill, and outdoor lighting.

You might also want to consider deep cleaning your decks and pavements with a pressure washer. Don’t forget to ensure your pool is clean and debris-free, ready for that refreshing dip at any time.

Summer cleaning can appear as a challenge, but these tips from Sleek Maids aim to make this task a breeze. However, if you need professional help, we’re just a call away! We offer tailor-made cleaning services to suit your specific needs, helping you keep your Austin home cool and comfortable all summer long. So, get ready to unmask the joys of a clean home this summer!

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